Bail Bonds Can Work For You

If you get arrested chances are you’ll want to get out of jail quickly. Or perhaps the person who gets arrested is someone you know and love. How do you get them out of jail fast? Call us! 830.625.7888

What We Do:

At New Braunfels Bail Bonds in Comal County we know how to help if you or those you love are in jail. Our services include 24-hour release bond service for defendants. We are quick and affordable. Our representatives will walk you through each step of the process. If you have a warrant we can offer discounts and financing. In our five-year presence in Comal County we’ve helped people in your exact situation navigate the bewildering process of bail and jail. If you’ve been arrested for possession of a controlled substance (POSC), DWI, Theft, Possession of Marijuana (POM), assault or any other charge we are able to get you out of jail. Comal County has approved us as bail bondsman and we are conveniently located near the courthouse.

How It Works:

Day or night, no matter the time we will answer the phone at 830.625.7888. Be aware that you must have an intermediary (co-signer) who will need to vouch for you prior to your release. Your co-signer needs to come to our office and fill out paperwork which will make them responsible. Our charge is a percentage of the amount of the bail to the intermediary and/or co-signer. When you’re out of jail we will continue our work with the inmate as his or her case makes its way through the Comal County court system.

For more information or details call the owner – Michelle Carbajal at 210-723-3072